AND WORKSHOPS EVALUATIONS evaluating Making Opportunities
              Affordable (MOA): a multi-year, multi-million dollar
              project for a US Foundation focused on raising the
              productivity of US higher education developing evaluation
              and systems skills of agencies involved in a US special
              needs education programme facilitating an evaluation
              design for a rural development project in the Philippines
              evaluating various health and safety training programs for
              the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and the
              Combined Trade Unions (CTU) developing an evaluation
              framework for the NZ Government Pay and Employment Equity
              program developing an evaluation framework for a healthy
              exercise program for Pacific peoples advising the
              evaluation of a suicide prevention program evaluation of
              the New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Strategy a
              variety of workshops for the American Evaluation
              Association, the Australasian Evaluation Society and the
              W.K. Kellogg Foundation on the application of systems
              based approaches to evaluation evaluation of two pilot
              professional development and assessment programs for the
              New Zealand Police evaluation of the Department of
              Corrections/Prison Foundation of NZ “Faith Based Unit” and
              “Operation Jericho” evaluation of Te Puni Kokiri’s
              “Strengthening Management and Governance” Program.
              evaluation of MSD’s whanau development program evaluation
              of a Maori youth development program evaluation of the
              development of the TEC Adult and Community Education (ACE)
              networks evaluation of the Local Employment Committee
              (LEC) program, for the New Zealand Department of Labour
              major evaluation of the relationship between health and
              safety, injury rehabilitation and government policy in 20
              case study organisations over three years evaluation of a
              program for developing work opportunities for rural Maori
              evaluation of the Tertiary Education Commission s Adult
              and Community Education networks evaluation of the
              introduction of the NZ Police skill assessment scheme
              assisting in the evaluation of the Australian Federal
              Government s Stronger Communities and Families Strategy
              evaluation of the Department of Child Youth and Family s
              Local Services Mapping initiative evaluation of the Women
              in Dairy program for the Australian Dairy Research and
              Development Corporation evaluation of the "work
              test" program for the New Zealand Employment Service
              evaluation of an "innovation" fund within the
              Work and Income Service of New Zealand (WINZ) two separate
              evaluations and various workshops associated with the
              school based anti-drink driving production "Too Much
              Punch for Judy". an evaluation for the Family
              Violence Prevention Co-ordinating Committee (FVPCC) of the
              impact of anti-violence publicity campaigns on men;
              principal author of a review for the NZ Alcohol Advisory
              Council and Canterbury Area Health Board on the future of
              Queen Mary Hospital, Hanmer Springs; development of an
              evaluation and strategic planning process for Students
              Against Driving Drunk (SADD); an evaluation for the
              Accident Compensation Corporation of the impact of the NZ
              Employers Federation and Combined Trade Union health and
              safety training programmes; acting as advisor on the
              evaluation of the Alcohol and Drug Programme in New
              Zealand schools; evaluation of a pilot school based drug
              use intervention programme; an evaluation of an
              organisation s performance in relation to a perceived
              programme failure; an evaluation of the NZ Family Court
              aspect of a Family Abuse Intervention Pilot Programme; an
              evaluation of "Crash Bash" - a school based road
              safety programme; an evaluation of the Ethnic Affairs
              Service of Department of Internal Affairs; development of
              an evaluation and strategic planning process for the Duke
              of Edinburgh s Award Scheme; facilitating the evaluation
              of the Southern Regional Health Authority s Community
              Health Committees. advising the Ministry of Maori
              Development on the development, and monitoring of
              government services to Maori. advising on and helping
              pilot a program to develop evaluation capacity within the
              Department of Work and Income. mentoring, and evaluating
              an action research project aimed at understanding how to
              construct better relationships between economic
              development practice at the community level and economic
              develop policy. ORGANISATION, PROGRAM AND STRATEGY
              DEVELOPMENT advising on an action research based project
              aiming to improve relationships between community based
              economicdevelopment activity, and Central Government
              policy development assising in a strategy development
              process for Cantabury District Health Board facilitating a
              Future Search process for a division of Yokogawa
              Singapore; co-facilitating a Future Search for a local
              education authority near Chicago, Illinois facilitating a
              Future Search for an Alcoa plant in Victoria, Australia;
              facilitating a Search Conference for a Rotary Club in
              Singapore; assisting in a large group strategy process for
              a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Pratt &
              Whitney designing and co-facilitating a large group
              strategy process for the Ministry for the Environment and
              the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
              facilitating an Open Space based group process for the
              Ministry of Education a review of organisational options
              of the Auckland & Northland based activities of the
              Parent Advocacy Council; strategy development,
              organisational review and business planning for Flotech
              Singapore; a service and organisation review of the
              Auckland Clinical Services of the New Zealand Family
              Planning Association; organisational review and management
              development for Yenn Dar, Singapore a review of the
              regionally based decision-making processes of the New
              Zealand Lottery Youth services; assisting a Ministry of
              Agriculture division with its strategic planning and
              programme evaluation processes; a review of the
              information needs of the legal profession and the role of
              District Law Society Libraries; providing advice to the
              Public Service Association of New Zealand on the
              development of non-industrial services to its members; a
              variety of strategic and organisational development
              projects for the NZ Open Polytechnic strategic planning
              and evaluation workshops for a variety of New Zealand
              organisations including the Alcohol Advisory Council, the
              Salvation Army, NZ Council of Christian Social Services,
              Students Against Driving Drunk, North Health, Workplace
              New Zealand, NZ Patents Office, Royal New Zealand Ballet
              and various youth, health and road safety organisations.
              providing development advice for Project Adventure New
              Zealand - a youth based community organisation
              INTER-ORGANISATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS designing, implementing
              and evaluating a process of contracting for service
              outcomes between the Bay of Plenty Area Health Board and
              community based health organisations; designing and
              implementing a process to bring together providers and
              consumers of mental health services in 4 counties in
              upstate New York, USA workshops on contracting between
              community health organisations and statutory agencies for
              a number of community organisations, the Alcohol Advisory
              Council (ALAC), Occupational Safety and Health (OSH),
              Napier City Council and Wellington, Hawkes Bay and
              Auckland Area Health Boards; designing and presenting a
              series of one day workshops for the Public Health
              Association on health reorganisation; designing and
              facilitating a series of workshops for the Public Health
              Commission relating to service specifications with health
              providers concerned with immunisation, health protection,
              and HIV/AIDS; designing and facilitating workshops for the
              motorcycle aspect of the National Road Safety Strategy;
              facilitating a series of meetings on the development of
              immunisation services for the Central Regional Health
              Authority; advising on the role and structure of Community
              Health Groups and their relationship with the Central
              Regional Health Authority; assisting the development of a
              contract between the Employers Federation and the ACC;
              providing advice to the Energy Efficiency &
              Conservation Authority on various consultation processes,
              and designing and facilitating related workshops; OTHER
              WORK Contributing chapters on the "use" of
              evaluation from a learning perspective to several
              publications. Supplying entries on quality, planning and
              systems to the Encyclopaedia of Evaluation an
              investigation into the social impact of a major bridge and
              floodway construction programme in Lower Hutt; helped
              design and facilitate an Internet based conference on the
              work of the late Donald Schön facilitating a process by
              which the major voluntary and business organisations in
              Wellington identify and agree a common vision for the
              city; a review of submissions to Government on the
              importation of myxomatosis into New Zealand; a synopsis of
              submissions to Government on energy policy; a synopsis of
              submissions on the Broadcasting (Liquor Advertising) Bill;
              manager of the team analysing submissions on the Health
              and Disability Services Bill; member of a team assessing
              the relevance of systems methodologies to social
              assessment; the application of Ottawa Charter concepts to
              energy efficiency for the Ministry for the Environment, to
              assist the design and evaluation of energy efficiency
              strategies and campaigns; two separate consultation
              processes for the Building Industry Authority concerning a
              revision of the energy efficiency provisions of the
              Building Code; a consultation process for Wellington City
              Council in relation to resource consents for sewage
              disposal; a "futures" workshop for a major
              market research company and its clients; consultant to the
              ACC assessing various research and injury prevention
              projects; development of a major domestic energy
              efficiency program for the Energy Direct Community Trust
              various consultation and facilitation processes in
              relation to a review of the Health Act. two Public Health
              Association s position papers on the delivery of public
              health services (ie disease prevention,health protection
              and health promotion). keynote speaker at the Women and
              Transport conference - speaking on the development of road
              safety cultures. written and lectured extensively on the
              features of contracting processes, in particular their use
              as a planning tool, including "Zen and the Art of
              Contract Maintenance" in the journal of the NZ
              Institute of Public Administration, and in the Australian
              Community Health Association publication "Stitching
              Up the Split - Contracting for Community Health".
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